I left the Rat-Race.. It was a crazy World

So I tendered last week.. Yeh!! Finally out of a full time job.. There were many times when I felt so down that I thought what the hell I was doing with my life.. Is this a mid-life 30 crisis or what?  Maybe.. I see my friends settling down. Most of them into their 2nd child, whereas I’ve not started any family of my own yet.. and I was thinking about why the hell do we need to work in a full time 8am-5.30pm job cycle?? I really wondered. What get us into this momentum? Is all about the money right?? The money to pay out debts, our loans, our mortgage? and study loans??

So Why can’t I be out of the situation.. I mean.. I don’t own any car.. I don’t own any expensive bags.. I don’t have any loans.. I Just want to do what I Want and What I LIKE.. and I treasure my time in doing things.. rather than sitting in an office and doing things which i feel redundant.. I know I need money to survive.. Everyone needs that.. unless we do butter trading?? like the olden days.. hahah.. So… Anyhow.. I’m all packed.. My air tickets booked.. accommodation all sorted out.. So UK…. Here I come.. Continue reading the crafting stories.. why I’m heading to UK…