How did all these come about?

Dear Craft Makers and Friends,
Welcome to this blog.

I have started a journey for my love of craft. And I would like to share this love with many of you out there who also have a passion in craft.

I have tried various craft but felt that I can always find ease and peace with needlework.

I fell in love with cross stitching when I was 9. I remember clearly that I got a cross stitch kit from a local craft shop, however I did not have any guidance with it. I sewed with minimal knowledge and made loads of mistake and in the end did not complete it. I left it sitting and when I reach the teens year, I threw it out of the cupboard with many other craft which I did not complete it. Many years later, I re-pick it up again when I was in my late 20s and this time I manage to complete a small project for my friend. I was quite proud of it.

With crochet, I had much more love since I was 13. I went for classes and did a small bag and a scarf for my mom. It was a different feeling which I had for Cross stitching. I was in love with crochet and felt proud that I can accomplished something at the end of the lesson. I met with a very elderly lady whom taught me how to crochet. However  like cross stitch, I did not do any crochet till late 20s and was trying to remember all those techniques again. With a stoke of luck and using the media like youtube.. I can pick up where I left pretty fast.

I had quite a late interest for knitting. It was when I was about to leave for studies in Australia which I wanted to learn how to knit. And of course the first knit was a scarf. It was a simple rib (2 knit 2 purl) pattern and to go as long as I want. However, I was not taught how to read the pattern and how to start. Was quite silly actually. Later after I returned from Australia, I went to Spotlight and met with a knitting teacher. She was skillful but impatient to teach. Well.. I guess I don’t have much luck with Knitting Teachers.. IN the end.. I pick up techniques from the Youtube again.. LOL :O

As for wool felting, I just started recently. I totally enjoying it. Especially all those poking. It was my husband’s idea to go for a course and we took it together. It was fun and I’m trying to practice more with it.

That’s pretty much my story for Crafting. I hope you enjoy reading through my findings and gatherings to inspire you one way or another to do craft.
Once again, Thank you for stopping by~


4th March 2013

Well… I’m actually kind of back-blogging.. jotting down memories of my craft journey.. and ta-dah.. after all those making of craft.. I though.. maybe I can try selling them online.. and see what kind of response I can get.. And so… pretty little things in a box is born… I love the name… and I’m going to tell you why I named it this way…

If you need any assistance in Craft, I’m able to help out.
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